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Football Teams Fan

The Football Teams to Watch in the Nearest Future - The Ultimate List!

Leicester, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Bundesliga and others - what unites these teams? What's new and what will change in the nearest future? Find out now!

August 18th 2016
Olympics in Rio

Russia, Putin, and the Controversy Around Doping Scandal In Rio 2016

Read about the loudest scandals of this year's Olympics in Rio and stay tuned for relevant updates. We are here to tell you about every single juicy detail! 

August 9th 2016
Euro 2016

Euro 2016

France, this year’s host of Euro 2016 has done a series of incredible preparation.

July 19th 2016
Euro 2016 football

UEFA Euro 2016: the Facts you Should Know

8 fun facts about the Euros every die-hard fan should know by heart. 

July 9th 2016

How EURO 2016 Affects Football Careers

EURO is not entirely about football. every professional competition involves pain, failure, traumas, and drama. What will the publicity chatter about this year's performance? 

July 6th 2016