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Bet365 Review

There's no going around it – if you have any interest in sports betting whatsoever, you simply have to know about Bet365. There are good reasons for them being considered one of the very best online bookmakers out there. In fact, perhaps Bet365 are the very best as far as casual and recreational punters are concerned right now – and we would certainly agree with such an assessment.

Telling you that probably won't do, will it? Okay, we're going to give you the full overview then, because there really is a lot to talk about. Just a word of caution – after reading the review, you'll probably want to check out Bet365 for yourself, either because you're simply not going to believe our praise or because you'll be so amazed by the review that you'll simply have to join the action straight away. Well, it doesn't really matter, because you can't go wrong with Bet365, regardless of what your betting preferences and ambitions might be. So go ahead, read the review, and see what the rage is all about for yourself. Just don't forget to use one of our links or bonus codes – they're going to fetch you the £200 bonus that we'll be talking about. And it would be a shame to ignore such a generous offer, wouldn't it?

Betting Offers

The betting offers always lie in the very heart of every single bookmaker, so the questions are rather obvious – what sports are on offer and how many prop bets can you choose from?

The answer to the first question is that you'd be hard pressed to find a sport that isn't on offer at Bet365. Alright, alright, those who would like to bet on chess will be disappointed, but that's about it. Is table tennis your thing? Well, no problem then, Bet365 will have you covered. Perhaps you would like to have a punt on floorball? Yes, that's possible as well. You know, you can even bet on bandy and pelota at Bet365, which basically ends the discussion. Even many of the minor football leagues are included!

The thing is, it doesn't get any worse in terms of prop bets either. Not only can you bet on things like goalscorers, corners, or bookings before a given match begins, but you can also bet on them in-play. So, if you feel that these specials are your niche,Bet365 will be your ideal bookmaker. And the good news? Both the odds and the betting limits are always more than respectable as well!

Live Betting

Bet365 are at their very best when it comes to live betting, which is actually their main selling point to a large degree. Andy why shouldn't it? While many others are still struggling to offer more than a handful of carefully selected events in-play, Bet365 will take you on in virtually any event – even some of the more obscure sports are offered in live betting, while the range of side bets on the main events is simply stunning.

What's more, Bet365 aren't afraid of offering bets in every single minute of the given event and they don't suspend the offers when they simply don't feel like it. Moreover, the live betting interface is very intuitive, which is actually a key quality, as you always want to be able to react quickly when betting live. With such a simple interface, that will never be a problem. And the real clincher? The excellent live streams – about which we're going to talk in a short while – are integrated directly into the interface, making live betting a truly enjoyable experience.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are just yet another area in which Bet365 excel, even though they're facing some stern competition from the UK bookmakers, who seem to be a bit more flexible and offer a bit more for the casual punter. Nonetheless, you could hardly ask for more. If you want a truly juicy incentive that would make you want to register at Bet365, how about we throw in £200 in order to sweeten the deal? Yes, that's absolutely correct – other online bookmakers will give you £10 or £25 in free bets, but that just pales in comparison with what Bet365 are willing to give.

And if you think that this is where it all ends, you should think again, as there's more on the table for all loyal customers. If you're a fan of football, for example, you'll be happy to hear that Bet365 tend to offer promotional free bets whenever a really big match rolls around, allowing you to get some relatively risk-free bets in. And, from time to time, there are some additional deposit bonuses to take advantage of. What's not to like then?

Special Features

So far, we've been talking about things that you would – more or less – expect to see at every single bookmaker that would be confident enough to stick his head out there. But is there really anything that you can't find at most online bookmakers? Do Bet365 have something truly special in store for all of us? Thankfully, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Let's take a look at some of the more interesting features just to get your appetite worked up.

First of all, we simply have to tell you a few words about the fabulous live streaming feature Bet365 offer. You know, live streaming can now be found at many other bookies as well, but Bet365 have been one of the very first to implement that feature in a modern manner and, well, they are still very much the top of the crop. Firstly, no other online bookmaker is offering such a wide range of events at the moment. Basically, you get everything at Bet365 – from almost every single tennis tournament to NHL and NBA. Football fans will be slightly disappointed by the omission of the Premier League, but that's how things are at the moment as far as the TV rights are concerned. If it would be possible, we can assure you that Bet365 would be the first to get that sorted out. Don't worry though – there are streams from La Liga, so you'll get to see Ronaldo and Messi in action! Moreover, streams can be watched either on their own or inside the betting interface, which is actually surprisingly user-friendly.

Secondly, Bet365 are always staying on the top of things with their regularly updated mobile betting application, which allows you to access Bet365 very swiftly from virtually every single mobile device out there. You know, over the years, we've seen a decent number of mobile betting applications, but only a few of them managed to come close to what Bet365 offer. Firstly, there is the mobile app for the more advanced devices that comes with all the animations and nice graphics, but there's also a simpler interface available for those of us who are struggling on a slow wireless network or who just don't have any top-notch mobile devices at hand. You might laugh, but we actually didn't really mind using the lesser of the two on our old Kindles, which just sums up how simple and elegant the whole concept is.

Finally, the superb one-wallet system also deserves a mention, as Bet365 have been one of the very first to adopt it and nobody has been able to top it just yet. Basically, you can access all the company's services, including sports betting, casino games, poker and bingo, with only one username and password. Funds can be moved from one service to another with a single click of the mouse, giving the “all-in-one package” claim a completely new – and even better – meaning.

Customer Support

All of that would be fine, we hear you saying, but what about the customer support? Do problems get solved quickly and fairly? Or are Bet365 just one of those giant bookies that don't really care about every single customer as long as their overall reputation looks good on the outside? Well, even we were a bit sceptical at one point or another, but, at the moment, Bet365 are actually one of the few online bookmakers that we could fully vouch for.

If you need something sorted out, don't hesitate and contact the customer support, either through the usual channels or simply by throwing the guys a line or two through the live chat, which is undoubtedly the communication route about which Bet365 care the most. Seriously, these guys know what they're doing and you're not going to get any computer-like answers. With such a massive operation in place, it's naturally impossible to rule out a human error, so, from time to time, you might find one of your bets settled wrong, for example, but we can assure you that it's going to be fixed very quickly once you let Bet365 know through the live chat. No, you won't have to wait for long hours, that's something that we've tested on more than a couple of occasions.

The Cons

So far, the review has been rather shining, hasn't it? Surely, there have to be a few negatives to it, right? We are always absolutely honest at Metabetting, so we're going to tell you what are the areas in which Bet365 could improve in the future, even though there really isn't a lot that could be criticized.

First of all, we understand that recreational bettors are the main focus of Bet365, but we certainly wouldn't mind seeing a special offer or two that would target the more professional ones. Something among the lines of enhanced odds or limits for some of the bigger leagues, perhaps. Secondly, we would like to see more prop bets being offered pre-match. If Bet365 don't mind offering them in live betting, why shouldn't we be able to take them pre-match as well? And, finally, we don't really like the inclusion of the “Instant Games” panel in the betting interface. It's probably a nice little stream of additional profits, but it has nothing to do with sports betting and we believe that it simply shouldn't be there. Almost every single online bookmaker has something similar in place, so it's hard to criticize Bet365 for that move, but its removal would certainly be a nice touch of class.



At the end of the day, you'd be hard pressed to find a better online bookmaker than Bet365 at the minute, especially if you're a recreational bettor. With its massive range of betting offers, this online bookmaker is bound to please the fans of virtually every single sport you could possibly think of, while the incredible live betting will please everyone who's looking for a bit of real-time entertainment here and there, especially in combination with the wide range of live streams Bet365 are offering nearly 24/7.

Isn't that enough? Well, what about throwing in some bonuses and regular promotional offers? And yeah, the customer support is also excellent and the bookie has an excellent reputation when it comes to settling customer complaints and paying out quickly and without any unnecessary hassles. Bet365 are just top-notch all-round at the moment, so you should hurry up and register with them – even if sports betting starts to get boring a little bit, there are casino games, bingos, and poker games to keep you entertained throughout. Quite simply, Bet365 are the brilliant all-in-one package we've all been looking for!


Bet365 have been around for such a long time that you simply must've already heard about them – unless you're a complete newcomer, that is.

Even then, however, their ads are all over the Internet – and for a good reason, it has to be said. They are, after all, one of the industry's leaders at the moment, with more than ten million customers in 200 different countries.

Over the years, it has grown into one of the largest private companies in the United Kingdom, the home of sports betting, so that should give you a good idea about the company's greatness.

The online betting system has also evolved over the years and it's now one of the most secure systems out there. Moreover, Bet365 naturally co-operate with IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudication Service), so you'll be able to sleep soundly when placing your bets with these guys.