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Those who have never considered opening an account with an Asian bookmaker might have never heard about SBOBET, but chances are that even such punters are going to think again after reading our review of this superb bookmaker.


We're currently living in what seems to be the golden age of online betting, with new bookmakers popping out all the time. Admittedly, Betsafe have a bit of a history behind themselves, but, so far, they've failed to separate themselves from the main pack. That said, they might still be worth looking at closely.

Titan Bet

TitanBet hasn't been around for a very long time, but it has quickly established itself as one of the solid-choice bookmakers that will be loved by many a recreational bettor for its no-frills approach, comfortable interface, and regular promotions. Accessible customer service is a must for a bookie like that and is indeed present, making the entire package a truly appealing one for everyone who is looking for an all-in-one package that could serve as a superb introduction into the world of online gaming.

Supabets Review

Most of you have probably never heard about Supabets, one of the most exotic online bookmakers out there, but their services can be easily accessed, so they undoubtedly deserve a closer scrutiny. 

ReadytoBet Review

READYtoBET is one of the newest arrivals to the online sports betting scene, which is still gathering pace on many fronts, and that alone makes it an attractive place to play at. So how good this new bookmaker actually is? And can it match the established big names in any department?

18bet review

18Bet are one of the newer arrivals on the online betting scene, so the question that needs to be asked is obvious – are they a trustworthy brand that deserves everyone's attention and that might eventually become a major player in the field or are they just one of those bookies that will fade away and become forgotten really quickly?

Betway Sports Review

It's likely that you've already heard about Betway, who aren't really that new to the entire industry nowadays, with their roots dating back to the year of 2006.

Youwin free bet

YouWin are one of the newer arrivals to the online betting scene, at least as far as their new design is concerned. If you're interested in getting a free bet or one of the other promtions they are offering you should check their review


Usually, we turn our attention to a new bookmaker when we decide to publish a new review, but an unusual betting service has caught our eye this time around. There's a decent chance that you've never heard about Favourit – and nobody could blame you, since Favourit is a bit different.

Winner Sport

Winner Sports is a relatively new arrival on the betting scene, but it is quickly establishing itself as one of those cool and flashy “we have it all” brands. There is still a lot of work to be done until it becomes a true competitor to the more famous bookmakers, but we currently rate it as a very promising alternative to the usual bunch that may become truly top-notch at some point in the future.

888 Sport

888sport don't have the catchiest name around, but it would be a horrible mistake to ignore them simply because the name isn't particularly memorable. Names don't matter at all in the world of betting – odds and offers do. So, would we recommend 888sport to you? Well, we definitely would, as they combine great services with odds that will please every single recreational bettor out there.

10 Bet

10 bet might not be the most well-known bookie out there, but let us assure you that those who've never heard about it are missing out on some very juicy offers! Admittedly, it's been lurking in the shadows for quite some time, but those of you who've abandoned it a few years ago should know that there have been some big changes since then and that 10 bet can now easily match even the most established of online bookmakers in more than one department


Dafabet is one of those bookies that you might have never even heard of – after all, the Asian markets have been its main focus for a very long time. However, the times are slowly changing and it is starting to invest plenty of resources into making itself interesting for the Western markets, which means that it might also be the ideal time for the punters to start seeing it as a really interesting option. So what does Dafabet has in store for the more ambitious of punters? And is it already a viable alternative for those that like keeping things rather simple? Hopefully, this short review will give you a good idea about what Dafabet is all about these days.


Bodog have been in the business for over 15 years and have offices in Antigua in the caribbean and in Kahnawake where some of their gaming licenses are managed. Despite their playboy image they try to portray they treat their business very seriously and always follow rules and regulations and always pay their players. They are the official sponsor of Fulham FC.