Effective Betting Tips For Punters

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Posted at April 27th, 2011, by Add your comment

Primarily, you need to look at the odds as well as reading the horse racing form that will help you analyze each horse’s performance. Here are some tips that will help you sharpen your betting skills.

Speed / Early Starters – Horses that make a good clear lead and have good  odds usually win more. Being a front-runner and making your competitors catch up, gives you a greater chance to win or show or place. For punters, you can select your horses according to their running lines. Horses that have an abundance of 1s and 2s in their running lines can surely be set as favorites. You can be assured that any one can be the lone speed.

Layoffs – Good runners that layoff for 3 weeks or more can continue to be in great form through out their career especially when trained by a good trainer.

First and Second Time Lasix – It has been observed that horses improve when they have been given the legal medication Lasix for the first time or second time. The horse can show some improvement even if it does not win on the first-time Lasix and can certainly improve on its second-time Lasix.

First Time Blinkers On or Off – It is true, a horse that is new to horseracing when placed with blinkers for the first time can improve dramatically. The blinkers shield the horse from distractions and it is great for 2-3 year olds that are still in the process of learning. The other way round is true, blinkers off for the first time can help a horse to improve especially the nervous horses. Therefore, blinkers on or off can help stimulate the improvement of a horse to give its top effort.

Change in Running Style – If a horse runs well back in the pack as indicated in its running lines and has shown to pick up speed. It is highly likely that it will pick speed in the next coming races and surely will run well in its next few starts.

Trouble Starting – Another important factor to look at is the horses that have had trouble starts. A horse could have been prevented to win due to its troubled starts resulting from a stumbled start, steadied, lacked room, and checked is surely to have trouble starts in its next starts and this should be taken into consideration.

The Big Win - a horse that has not been performing well previously and suddenly wins a race by more than four lengths, it will surely perform well in its next up coming races and will have good odds too.

Another important factor to consider is that comments at the end of the running lines such as "good effort", "good try", "game try", "gamely", or "gave best" and these horses tend to win more often. A horse with numerous comments is classed as the best bet in a race.

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