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Metabetting Help Center will give you answer to all of your questions about the website. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

User Account Management

What happens if I've forgotten my password?
You can always recover your password by clicking on the Login link in the header of each page and then "I've forgotten my password" link. Enter your username or valid email which you used for registration on Metabetting website and you will receive an email containing a link to change your password.

Can I change my username, or merge different accounts?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your username.
Similarly, you cannot create a new account and choose to have your stats moved from one account to another.

Why must I be at least 18 years old to use this website?
We do not promote underage gambling as it is illegal in most countries. Appropriate age verification checks are carried out across all our businesses. Please read the terms and conditions and abide by the gaming laws in your country and/or region. This website is for information only and we are not responsible for your actions.

User Profiles

Can I delete my comments I posted to site?
No, posted comments cannot be edited or removed. Please review your comments before posting.

Can I change my personal details or fulfill the profile?
You can edit your profile page by clicking on the username in the header of each page to edit your personal data.

What is the Completeness feature on my profile page?
All registered member can write comments. You can easily create a new account in just a few seconds.

Subscriptions & RSS

I just subscribed, but it doesn't seem to have worked. What should I do?
Subscriptions are sent by email. Check if you entered a correct email address on your profile page.

Where can I check my subscriptions notifications?
You can manage all your subscriptions in your profile page by choosing the Subscriptions option.

How can I unsubscribe?
Go to your profile page > Subscriptions and uncheck all subscribed boxes.

Do I need to subscribe more than once?
You can be subscribed to more than one feed of course, but if you already subscribed, you don't need ever to subscribe again to same feed.

What is the difference between Subscriptions and RSS?
Subscriptions are sent by email and RSS feeds are sent to your favorite RSS readers such as Google Reader, your browser's reader or even email client.

Reviews & Bonuses

What's are reviews?
The bookmaker reviews section gives our review of each bookie and to provide you with as much information about the bookie before deciding to join.

I noticed incorrect information in a review. How can I report it?
Please use our contact page for reporting any incorrect information in reviews or any other page on the site.

Can I edit reviews?
You cannot edit reviews, but you can report a mistake if you notice and we'll change it as soon as possible.

Which criteria do you use for sorting reviews?
By general bookie reputation and by the value of their bonus offers.

Why is the bonus different on the website than what is listed at Metabetting?
Some bookies are offering exclusive bonuses which are available just for our players. That means that you must register only via our link or use our Bonus Codes in order to get these exclusive offers.

How can I participate in a bonus?
Sign up to any sportsbook via our website and you'll be able to use bonuses that are offered to our players.

What types of bonuses you're offering?
We're offering Free Bets and Welcome Bonuses.

I didn't get a bonus you advertise on your site. What should I do?
In this case, contact sportsbook's support via email or phone which you can find on the right side of each our review or write us about a problem you have and we'll be more than happy to help you claiming a bonus.

Can I get more bonuses at once?
You can register at as many bookies as you want in order to participate in more bonus offers. If you want to get more than one bonuses in the same sportsbook, you should read their Terms and Conditions. Do not open multiple accounts as your winnings will be void. Always read the terms and conditions for each sportsbook.

Using the website

Which browsers are supported by Metabetting
We’ve tested the website with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and recommend using these browsers. You are free to use any other browser of your choice, this just means we don’t test all features in all other browsers (there are many of them!) and can’t necessarily help you should you run into problems with a more exotic or an old and out-dated browser, although we’ll always do our best to fix any other bugs in other browsers such as Internet Explorer that you report to us.

How come I have to log in every time I visit the site?
Your login details and language preferences are stored in cookies, which means we won’t know anymore what they are if you’ve deleted these cookies.
If you’d like them to be remembered for the next time you visit the website, make sure you don’t delete these cookies, for instance when closing your web browser. If you're not sure you have cookies enabled at all, check the above FAQ “What can I do if I’m having problems logging in on the site, something with cookies?” for more help.


What is Metadiction?
Metadiction is a new fascinating prediction game for betting that allows you to predict the score outcome of matches in the English, German, Italian, Spanish and French football leagues.

What are prizes?
You can be a winner with Metadiction! Each month, the leading two players from England Leaderboard will receive free tickets to an English Premier League match and opportunities to swap tickets for a signed jersey from your favorite football club, sponsored by new bookmaker

How can I join?
Sign up today for free and start predicting games immediately!

How often should I predict scores?
Our offer is divided into weeks. So each week, you can predict scores for each match playing during that week or future weeks. You are able to change your prediction until the match starts.

Do I need a football knowledge to play this game?
Absolutely not! This browser-based score program requires no special football knowledge for you to play it. You simply will need to put the score you want to predict for the matches before they begin. That’s all!

Should I predict to all leagues?
If you predict more, you will have a chance to earn more points, but you are not required to predict on all leagues and even matches.

How can I follow my progress?
If you are logged in you can see a brief stats in a green header area. If you want to track your real-time ranking, you can check Leaderboards. Your rankings are separated for each league you predict on.

What is the scoring system?
Correct Result = 30 Pts
Correct Draw = 20 Pts
Correct Goal Diff = 15 Pts
Correct Outcome = 10 Pts
Wrong Outcome = -10 Pts
Refer a Friend = 50 Pts

Can I earn extra points?
You can earn extra points by referring another people to join. You can visit Earn more points page to invite your friends via email. You can get your referral link to invite your friends via chat or Facebook or if you are blog/website owner you can promote this game via banners or links and refer other people to join and get an extra 50 points for each new referred member.

How can I get my prizes if I win?
Your tickets will be delivered to your home address. We will contact you if you win a prize at the end of the month.

Can I swap my free ticket for a money if I win?
If you are unable to travel and watch a match, you can swap your prize with a signed jersey of your favorite football club which will be delivered to your home address as well.

Can I earn prizes for more months?
Yes, if you are lucky enough and win for more than one months, you will be able to win more tickets.

Why would I refer friends?
For each referred member, you will get an extra 50 points.