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If you wish to withdraw the money you’ve earned on SBOBET, here is what you need to do.

Before requesting withdraws please make sure that you’ve followed our withdraw rules: see Deposit/ Withdraw section of Terms and Conditions of the Agent program.


1. Log in to your Metabetting account.




1a. If you already have an account on, use your login and password  to Sign in.

1b. If you don’t have an account on, please see the email you’ve received from Metabetting ( and find your credentials there. The login and password for SBOBET are also your Metabetting login and password. You can change the password any time.



2. After Logging in click ‘My account’ on the top of the page.

3. Navigate to ‘Personal Betting Agent tab’ and click it.

This is your agent agent panel, where you can make deposit and withdraw requests, register your referrals to earn money from their deposits, track your earnings.





4. You’ll see 3 buttons, click on the ‘SBOBET Withdraw Request’.




5. Fill in the fields of the form:

Bet Username - the username you used to access your SBOBET account

Email - you will receive further instructions to this email

Withdraw amount -  enter the amount you want to withdraw and currency, please note that currently we accept only USD and Euro

Payment method - choose the payment method that suits you best.


Click ‘Submit’ button to complete your request.




We will process your request and get back to you through email address which you’ve entered in the Email field within one day.

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