Instructions for using Tipsterscript™

Tipsterscript™ has three parts and we will cover each of them in this manual and provide useful information how to use it.

1. Choose A Match

You have three options to choose a match/event that you wish to bet on:

Match Quick Search

Search Betting Picks Quickly

It is enough to type in the name of one team and the script will show you everything it has to offer in search of that name in a drop-down menu. By clicking one of the offered pairs you will choose the same and can pass to the other part of the script.

Browse Matches

Browse Betting Picks

The offer contains the following ten days and after choosing the date in the drop-down menu, you can choose the sport and then league and match, after which you will be able to proceed to the other part of the script.

Add Your Match

Add your own Pick

If you have not found the match/event you want to bet on by using these two ways, you are left with the third option, and that is the manual way of entering the same. Firstly, click on Select Date then set the date and time. Setting the time is done by moving the cursor to the left or right to the wanted time that you wish to post. After choosing the time, select sport in a down-drop menu and then fill in the rest of the windows by the name of the same, after which you move to the other part of the script.

2. Define your Tip

  • Game – If the drop-down menu does not contain the game you want to bet on, select “Custom Game“ and enter the wanted game in the window “Enter Game“ the way it is named in the offer of the bookie.
  • Outcome – Choose the wanted tip in the drop-down menu and if you have previously selected “Custom Game“, enter the name of the tip manually. If it is a handicap, it has to be in form according to the following examples:
    1.5/Home (or Away) or +1.5/Away (or Home)
    12.5/Barcelona (or Pamesa) or +12.5/Pamesa (or Barcelona)
  • Stake – Select the amount of the stake that you suggest for that tip in the drop-down.
  • Bookmaker – Choose the bookie that you took the odds for that tip from in the drop-down menu.
  • Odd – Enter the odds according to the example given in the script.

3. Comment your Tip

Enter the text of the analysis, which has to have at least 100 characters. Take care of space between words and punctuation. It is not allowed to compensate for the necessary minimum of characters by copying statistic data about results of mutual duels, etc.