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The only justifiable reason for that high odds are results of Bari at the start of the season. They won against Juventus in the first round, 1:0, and the next two were draws, 2:2 away with Napoli and 0:0 at home with Cagliari. However, we all know that Juventus is in start crisis and Bari used that cleverly. The draw in the previous round, with Cagliari cannot be counted a success. For tonight's match, visitors cannot count on defenders Masiello and Belmonte, as well as mid-fielders Gazzi and Gomez. For a team of such quality, on match with the champion of Italy, every absence is a handicap. Inter opened the season unexpectedly weakly. Firstly, because of inefficient playing that is the result of recognizing defensive style of Mourinho. In the first round, they made a big faux-pass because weak Bologna took one point from Milano. Tonight, Mourinho cannot count on Zanetti and Motta, which is not such a big problem for a team of this potential when on the other side is, up until recently, member of Serie B. Inter just cannot allow another faux-pass, they didn't win on the previous four matches against Bari and will make up for that tonight.
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