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Igokea VS Zagreb




Igokea VS Zagreb match analysis

Igokea is the new member of Adriatic League from this season and they will be a very tricky opponent for enyone in this league, excpeccialy on home court. I watched on TV opening of their new hall, their president Dodig is very powerful man who loves basketball and Igokea is one of the teams who doesn't have problems with financials. Their goal for this season is to make a strong home court(like Dodig said)and to win B&H league. Igokea played a frindly game against Panathinaikos in that opening game and that was spectacl. There where a lot of important people from the basketball, many trainers, and all of them were delighted with hall, and atmosphere. This is the game of the second round, in the first Igokea lost from Olimpia with 7 points although they were about 15 points behind after the first half. I expect full hall and a big support, and also Igokea to win their first match in history of this strong competition. They have quality to do that. Zagreb is a very good team with few very expirience player but they struggling on away matches. Gran Canaria beat them last week about 25 points differnece. They have qualitty but tonight match will decide a big motivation from Igokea players.
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