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Sporting Fingal VS Galway United



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-1/Sporting Fingal

Sporting Fingal VS Galway United match analysis

Ireland's first league match in which the teams meet with different ambitions. Sporting Fignal fight to go to Europe next season, while Galway will play in the play-offs for survival. Galway is in a dreadful series, had lost four matches in a row even with a 1:16 goal difference which is disastrous.Now come to this match against a team that is also an incredible series without a win at home and I think tonight will be to complete and will host the win in this match. Sporting certainly expect to win this match but I'll play on risky one, to win with more than one goal difference. I think the opponent is indifferent ideal for something like that, there is still three rounds to the end and Sporting have nothing more to wait. They already played this year, even three times, and Sporting scored in every match at least a goal, won two matches and drew one. This is an important game for Sporting while Galway apparently preparing for play-out. Sporting is a better team, more efficient, has better tradition, more motivated ... all that's need to win tonight!
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