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Looking at qualifying pace, Force India drivers, or Sutil (as he was quicker one in last two races) are nowhere near top 10 spot. Let's look at the times In Singapore, Q2 9. Michael Schumacher 1:47.160 10. Kamui Kobayashi 1:47.599 16. Adrian Sutil 1:48.899 As, you can see Sutil was 1.3 seconds behind P10, and that is huge in F1. Japan, Q2 9. Robert Kubica 1:32.042 10. Michael Schumacher 1:32.073 15. Adrian Sutil 1:32.659 It is smaller gap than it was in Singapore, but still, there are huge 0.6 I don't see Sutil and Force India nowhere near top 10, and I believe that this is great bet.
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