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BMW started this season with a lot of retirements, and their pace was up and down at the start of the season. They've manage to improve their pace, and their reliability looks perfect now. Kamui Kobayashi is very aggressive driver, and one that can kill every chance of betting.. He is "hot and cold" all the time, he makes miracles when he puts this car in top 10 in last attempt in qualifying, but also has quite a few retirements after his mistakes. Nick Hiedfield is back in cockpit after a break, and he still needs to improve his pace, and "become 1 with the car". He had great pace in Japan, and he was quicker than Kobayashi in qualifying.. Force India team became weak. They were very strong in first part of the season, and they usually were part of top 10 drivers, in qualifying, and in race. They didn't manage to hold that pace, as other teams made some upgrades, and during the season, they were beaten by Williams and BMW Sauber. In last two races both BMW drivers were ahead of both Force India drivers (in qualifying). This track is not going to be that good for BMW, and their advantage to Force India will be smaller. Still, I hope that they will manage to be quicker.
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