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L.A. Lakers VS Houston Rockets match analysis

NBA League is starting. We have three very interesting matches in the Opening Day. Although match between Boston Celtics and Miami Heat is in the spotlight, Lakers are always interesting. Team from Los Angeles are coming in new season with a personnel problems, primarily because of injuries. Andrew Bynum will not play to the end of November because of knee injury, while Luke Walton will not be tonight even on backup bench because of hamstring problems. Theo Ratliff probably will not be in the team tonight, because of knee problems, too, and also Lamar Odom is questionable because of thumb injury. Bynum, with his an average of 15 points in the last season, will miss tonight certainly. Walton and Ratliff have not had a lot of minutes on the game, but Lamar Odom, with his average of 9.5 points, 8.2 rebounds and 2.5 assists, is very important for Lakers. Odom will play tonight, I am almost sure in that. The thumb injury is minor, but still fresh and I do not expect his full effect on this match. Also, we have to count on under-recovered Kobe Bryant after knee surgery. We cannot see his poor performance on pre-season matches. He announce that he can play more than 30 minutes, but under 24.5 points seems really acceptably. He scored 88 points in pre-season, or an average of 12 .6 points per game, too far from this margin of 198 points. Of course, because of injury, than surgery, too, Lakers' coach did not  want to expose him to effort, and he will not do that tonight, especially because a many people consider that Houston is weak team which in the last season missed the first play in the previous four years. However, they solved all problems with injuries and Yao Ming is again on the floor. Chuck Hayes (ankle) and Kyle Lowry (back) . They are backup players, so that we can consider that Houston is complete and ready to surprise weakened Lakers at the start of the season. Such an approach implies a smaller number of points, and the experience from previous seasons shows that it is common, especially when they are playing in Los Angeles. Last year, both matches in which the Lakers were the hosts finished with under 198 points - 88:79 and 91:101. From the last 10 games the two teams feature in Los Angeles at seven there were fewer than 198 points, and on two of three matches, on which the margin were thrown over, they played OT. Many factors indicate that the tonight's match should not be efficient on either side and therefore this is my first choice at the opening of the NBA season.
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