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Calgary Flames VS Colorado Avalanche



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Before 9 mins 30 secs

Calgary Flames VS Colorado Avalanche match analysis

Calgary at home is more efficient than away. Also, this team is not sufficiently strong to defend. So far they scored 17 and received 11 goals playing at home. On four  home matches they scored 5 and received 3 goals before 9 minutes and 30 seconds. Only the match against solid Kings went goalless in the initial period of the match. Away, they played four matches and scored and received one goals on two matches, while on matches in Nashville and Detroit goals were achieved in the latter part of the games. Colorado played six matches away, and scored early goal only in Vancouver, and received such goals in Vancouver and Detroit, while on matches against two New York's clubs, against New Jersey and in Philadelphia first goals were scored or received after this times margin. Colorado scored and received more goals than Calgary, but obviously they played more careful in the initial period of the matches. But, Colorado's first goalie, Craig Anderson, is injured and Putar Budaj will start tonight instead of him. Budaj played on two matches and had .864 of Sv%.  Last year, on their first match against each other, Calgary scored two and received one goals in the first 7 minutes of the match. On later matches both usually scored after this period. In the season before the previous season, Calgary scored twice in that period on their first mutual match, and it happened in season before that, too. This is their first match in this season and I will follow this tendency. 
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