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Everton VS Stoke match analysis

Once again the English Premier League offer us one of the most interesting games - Everton - Stoke City. You can ask why ?! Very simple this is one of the typical " British" style games. Everton as Stoke practice very physical football. Just will mentioned couple of names: Shawcross, Cahil ,  Neville, Hibbert, Delap etc.. We can enjoy the typical British teams and see hell of a football. Everton are in amazing shape?! The bad start  of the season was surprising but at this moment Everton are going up like crazy : 88" Min they were losing from United with 1:3 and finish 3:3. Score 2 goals at United in the last 4 minutes.. that was something that nobody could believe. After that win against Liverpool.. basically they smash Pool with aggression. Stoke has as well some problems and last round they were about to get a draw from United. Been very solid and aggressive could help you a lot , especially in England. I can't wait to see that game.For sure will be very dramatic, fast and physical but at the end of that day that's football. Everton will be the winner with 1 goal difference 
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