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Benfica VS Lyon





Benfica VS Lyon match analysis

Benfica - Lyon - key match for both team. If Lyon get the game they can be 100% sure for second phase of Champions League. If Benfica - they still have a chance. Lyon are in the same position as last game before 2 weeks- terrible game in local championship - League 1 and great game in Champions League - 3 wins from 3 games. This visit in Portugal for French players is key - if they lose and shcalke win both team will have same points and 2 games to go so everything could happen. I think they will play for draw in order to have 80% guarantee to continue. For Portugal players things are basically final - win still have a chance , lose - got to Euro League. Playing at home with the support of your fans i think this can help Benfica win the game with at least 1 goal difference. For me Benfica is very far away from glorious years when they won the Champions league twice but still have a chance to make something remarkable in the tournament. Difficult game for both team but at the end Benfica will congratulate with the success  
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