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F.C. Barcelona VS Fenerbahce Ulker




F.C. Barcelona VS Fenerbahce Ulker match analysis

Barcelona is powerful and we all know that. This is a team who beat the World Championsthe, LA Lakers, month ago,and when they are serious I am sure that nobody in Europe can do nothing against them. I hope that Barcelona will tonight play a very good match because their first two games in Europe played at half speed. Unfortunately, for the weekend they were demolished Menorca with 40 pointdifference (84-44) and that's a little problem because they are not, I'll be 100% sure that in this match they would go over 20. I watched Fenerbahce against Cibona and they have not left any impression on me. By the names Fener has a strong roster, but there's no way to challenge Barcelona on their court. I trully believe in motivated Barcelona in this match because at this point Fenerbahce is in front of them on the table and if Barsa will be serious this will be blow out. They played two games last season and this is how they ended Barcelona Fenerbahce 89:55 Fenerbahce Barcelona 59:82 Like we can see, Barca with no problem trashed Turks in both games and I see no reason that something similar happens again tonight. If last year they could go over 30, this year could be more than 13.
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