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F.C. Barcelona VS Fenerbahce Ulker




F.C. Barcelona VS Fenerbahce Ulker match analysis

I must admit that I follow the idea of @mladenchamp on handicap on Barcelona, but in modified form. The advantage at half time handicap for the simple reason that  by analysis of earliers matches of Barcelona in the Euroleague I came to the conclusion that it gives its full capacity in the first part of the match. On the other hand, Fenerbahce Ulker their full capacity give in the second part of the match. It is not difficult to gather that two and two are four, and that you will be the same tonight remains to be seen. And in their mutual encounters we observed a similar scenario, although it should be interpreted with caution because they played those mathces with different squads. I watched Fenerbahce Ulker against Cibona and they  to me have left the impression of strong teams. Certainly, not strong enough to resist the powerful squad of Barcelona, a much more powerful than Cibona. Fenerbahce Ulker played match in Zagreb with much effort and at the end they won weakened home team. So, Barcelona could demolish this Turskish team, I hope,  if nothing else, at least in the first half.
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