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Grosseto VS Varese

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Grosseto VS Varese match analysis

Grosseto obtained a good draw with many missings on weekend, but most part of this "success" is due to a very poor Torino. Varese is a newcomer, but they are playing good with only one match lost in last five and the eight place in table. So, i try  to bet against Grosseto that has many missings. For home team remain out long term injuried regular keeper Narciso, his substitute Mangiapelo had an injury in saturday maych. Probably he will play but it is to see if he is in perfect conditions. For this match are out three very important players, Allegretti ( modf. 7atts+3 1goal) injuried and Consonni (midf. 10atts.+1 1 goal) and Vitiello (midf. 11atts.+2), both suspended. Remain out also midf. Caridi (7atts 1 goal) and def. Turati ( 7atts.+1) Grosseto is a team with many important departures in summer and his only on 17th place (only one point above playout). With a delepted midfield and an unclear situation for the keeper, they could lost against a newcomer that are showing good performances. For Varese only Ebaugua (striker 5atts+2 2 goals) and Pisano ( def. 13atts.) are out
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