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Miami Heat VS Utah Jazz


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Lebron James over 21.5

Miami Heat VS Utah Jazz match analysis

Lebron James, best player in nba, last two season awarded as a MVP. This summer he became a very conteversial player because he didnt have respect for his birtstate Ohio and Cleveland Cavaliers and saying whole america in tv show before Cavaliers where he's going to play next seasons. He came in Dwayne Wade team with another big star Chris Bosh. I think that Lebron is very egoistic player, and he wonna show that he is leader of this team. Before 3 weeks he say that wherever he play he is born to be a leader. In first seven games its seems that  Wade is a leader, scoring 24.1 points per game, Lebron only 20.7 ppg. I expect in next games that Lebron is going to scoring higher and higher. Last season 29.7 ppg, career average 27.7 ppg. In 12 games vs. Utah he was scoring 28.5 ppg. Last four games he scoring 20,20,20 and 23 points. I can't believe it that James gonna this year scoring 21 points per game, and i think he won't. He is in best years, in best physical form, and he is motivated because a lot a players and coach say for him that he is overrated. Interesting is that his very close friend rapper Jay-Z record a song where he defending him. Tonight with bigger stake, Lebron over 21.5
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