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Pisa VS Virtus Lanciano



IT Italy



Pisa VS Virtus Lanciano match analysis

Pisa welcome Virtus Lanciano in Serie C1B clash. Pisa are 16th in the table with 2-8-3 record (2-3-2 at home). Their current form is 1-4-1, three times saving the day in the 90th minute. Pisa were among the best performing teams in Serie B before couple of years, but financial problems brought them down to earth and now they are battling in the low layers of the table. Virtus have 5 points more than Pisa and are currently 6th in the table with 4-7-2 record (0-5-1 away). The team is not in very good state, as it hasn't won in the last 7 games. Virtus' forwards are underperforming, as only Importa has scored since the beginning of the season. Midfielders Di Cecco, Turchi and Zeytulaev are the protagonists for the progress of the team, but if the team keeps this weak form, then it will be difficult to earn promotion. The two teams with the most draws in the league meet each other and I can't see other outcome than another even game. Both Pisa and Virtus are not enjoying a good form and we may see a tight game, very probably low-scoring and I see these two teams cancelling each other out.
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