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Indiana Pacers is very limited team for me, with only two or three players who can score 20+ points, like solid young point guard Collins, one of the best scorers in nba Granger, and maybe Dunleavy. Oklahome is very explosive, talented a very young team with big potential. They have Durant and Westbrook, players who have 21 22 years but they are so dominate. Indiana have excellent score 7 win in 13 games, they won a week ago in Miami + 15 points, and Oklahoma has 10 wins in 15 games, Durant is now healty and they are a much better team. Indiana won in last three home games vs. Oklahoma but i'm sure that is a time for stop this row. Oklahoma lose last game home vs. Mavericks but Dirk Nowistski has outstanding night. I thing that odd on Oklahoma should be around 1.80 , 2.10 is very value bet. Home court for Indiana is not gonna be a big advantage because attendance is around 13000, around half of capacity.. Durant average vs. Indiana is 30 points per game and i think that he will be 30+ and Westbrooks against Collins is going to make advantage
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