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Roger Federer vs. Rafa Nadal




Roger Federer vs. Rafa Nadal match analysis

Here comes and the most interesting moment, the final of London Masters bewteen Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. I've been missing the games between Federer and Rafa as it has been a long time since we had the chance to watch a game between these two most loved players in the world, well now we will have this chance:) Now speaking from the betting point of view:), so I would mentionate the first and the most important fact which is named Rafa Nadal, well this player has been underrated by all during of this tournament and he is still underrated. Usually the bookies rate the odds so well when it comes for events and games like these, but here the bookies are wrong and I tell that with all the confidence, not because I'm a fan of Rafa or something like that, I just ascertain the real situation, the real difference between Federer and Nadal which can be seen only if you watch more deeper and detailed. Federer is a great player in attack, there are no doubts about the fact that he possess the best qualities when it comes about movement, anticipation, serve, forehand... but, when it comes to speak about the difference between him and Rafa's deffensive skills, well certain here appear the essential difference. Rafa is the best defender ever in the world, there is no one like him from this point of view and playing against a such type of player it will always going to be much more difficult than other styles. It is not just a coincidence that Nadal defeated Federer in more cases of the games between them, this is about Rafa's improvement which at the moment is even higher than in the past, better backhand, better serve, touches at the net... Federer is the position of favourite here but this position is due to his great name and history, he also defeated easy Djokovic while Nadal had problems against Murray, this is also a reason, but all these things are not essential because every new game is anther story, another day and another chance. All in all, honest to be I would like if Federer will win this final as he would gain some of his confidence back in this way, but if I take a look to the things as real they are the task should be very very difficult as Nadal is playing some fantastic tennis, more stable than Federer, he has proved so many times that he is better and that he deserves to be number one in the world. Good Luck for both players and lets enjoy another nice rivalry between these two legend players.
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