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FC Barcelona VS Real Madrid match analysis

Tremendous value if you ask me. The whole market is set just around the fact that Barcelona should be team that will be attacking the whole time, which is simply nonsense in my opinion. Of course, they will be more active than Real Madrid, but I cannot see Real being on the defensive too much given the strength they have in the mid-field and the attacking capabilities they have. Mourinho will want to keep clean sheat as a priority, but Barcelona has such a power that they will probably score and Real will have to attack then. Barcelona usually stays low in the corners department, they like to pass the ball around without going for corner kicks, while Real is OK with getting some, as the stats from the Champions League show. If you ask me, this is about 60/40 in the favor of Barcelona - but the odds do not reflect that at all, so I see value in this. If you want more safety, feel free to play any of the offered handicaps, but the reward you can get here is worth the risk in my opinion, so I am more inclined to this bet.
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