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Steaua Bucharest VS Liverpool



Steaua Bucharest VS Liverpool match analysis

Liverpool needs only one point to be mathematically sure to pass in next round. In spite of this, cause a chritical sitation in Premier - Reds are only tenth in table, with only two wins in last five championship matches - Hodgson decide to put a weakened side in this transfer. For this match they have out injuried Jamie Carragher for three months and captain Steven Gerrard, but also will rest Dirk Kuyt, Raul Meireles and Fernando Torres. Joe Cole returns, but after five weeks injuried, it is probable that his involvment will be with the target to give him an opportunity to recover full fitness. In Liverpool many new faces with reserve team youngsters Jack Robinson and John Flanagan, with fringe players Danny Wilson, Daniel Pacheco and Nathan Eccleston. And Liverpool seems generally not a strong away team this season: in premier away have a balance of 1-2-5 5/13, while in his EL group have 2 draws in two matches. Home team has also should have some absences as Galamaz, Marinescu, Bilasco, Onofras and Brandan ineligible, Nicolita (midf. 11atts 1goal) and Anghelov injuried, and Kapetanos (striker 4atts+8 1goal) suspended. But only Nicolita and Kapetanos have some importance, inelegible players are all the transfer from Unirea in this autumn, when Unirea was in crisis and many players left, while Angelov played only two matches this season. Steaua has five points, second in his group, and this match has a lot of importance for them Also against Napoli Liverpool fielded a weakened team and gained a draw, but odds for this match permit to cover draw, also weather conditions - seems that will rain - should create conditions to level strenght of the two teams and with a so weakened side i think that Liverpooll will not win
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