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Detroit Pistons VS Orlando Magic match analysis

This is worth trying (but with lower stakes than I usually use!) if you consider that a lot of players from Orlando are affected by virus and their main starts might not be able to play. The Pistons are surely the worse team, but they have nothing to lose and you know how common it is to see the underdogs win in NBA. The price is very, very solid and a win here is definitely more probable than these odds suggest. Some bookmakers have even stopped offering the match and that alone guarantees it might be a very worthwhile play. The Pistons have not been impressive so far, but they have not been terrible either and so, in this kind of environment, they will know about the problems Orlando have. And that will boost their confidence big time and they will go out there firing on all cylinders. Meanwhile, Orlando will still have their mind on their inside problems and might not be as focused as they usually are. There really is not much to talk about aside from that, this is just an opportunistic bet based on the current news about the state the Magic team is in. Good luck and hopefully this will go in.
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