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CSKA Moscow VS Pamesa Valencia





CSKA Moscow VS Pamesa Valencia match analysis

Cska Moscow is best team in strong Russian league, they have great history. This season,already strong team with Smodis, Siskauskas, Hryapa, Holden and others, they add great coach Vujosevic from Partizan and Gordon from Cibona but they start season very bad and lose a lot easy games. Cska have only one win in seven games (vs. Olimpija home) and they have 1% chances to get in second round of competition. Vujosevic is fired, Siskauskas coming back and they must start playin better. Today cska play home vs. solid spanish team Pamesa, first game in Pamesa cska lose 25 points. They have new coach, if they lose today it will be catastrophe for them because this will be biggest surprise last few seasons in Eurolegue if cska wouldnt get in second round of competition . Last home game in euroleague, cska locking very good against one of the biggest favorite to be a champ - Panatinaikos but they lose 68:72 . In some games they didnt been lucky, like vs. Armani Milano when Milano score a very lucky 3 point 8 meters long few second till end. Things must start better
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