Free Soccer prediction for Champions League - Group H:
Arsenal VS Partizan Beograd



Over 4.5

Arsenal VS Partizan Beograd match analysis

The Champions League - Group H - Arsenal against Partizan I expect a lot of people putting their money today on Arsenal. Simply because they are class above Partizan and are trapped in a must win situation. Nothing else but clear home win here is expected. However, how to find a real value in this game as 1x2 home win is priced at about 1.11 now? Arsenal at Emirates are destroying their opponents in this competition. Just to remind you, vs Braga 6-0, vs Shakhtar 5-1. Mixed feelings about their games hawever because they lost to these both teams away from home. In the Premiere League they also proved they can surprise - 2-3 against Tottenham winning till half time 2-0. And so on. This team play excellent offensively but have also some defensive problems. They scored only one goal in their last two games on the road in Champions League. Partizan are already out with not a single point gained. No chance for them to get it now. In fact playing here just to earn one point would also be useless for them. Arsenal will be pushing from the start and score qiute quiclky in my opinion. I expect total control of the game and couple of goals should find the net today. I suppose Partizan will not just defend as they usually play open footbal. This would suite Arsenal and taking into account that they also concede, Partizan should have a chance to score as well. Some kind of honour goal would be everything they can achieve here. Yes, even a home win like 1-0 would be enough for Arsenal today but I expect something quite opposite here. They should come back in style advancing to the next stage. Strong, motivated and focused Arsenal is expected to crash Partizan today. I believe it happen. Good luck!
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