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Portland Trail Blazers VS Orlando Magic match analysis

Brandon Roy is Blazers major player and if he is not scoring this team lose without any problems. In the past 2 years on home court against Magic, Blazers scored to Orlando huge number of points, which are very few people had hoped. Today the situation is almost the same, everybody expect small number of points but I believe the opposite. in the last two matches that Blazers won, Clippers and Suns, Portland went over 100 which is a good indication that the form is raised after six consecutive defeats. In the first match Roy scored 14, in the second 20 points but I can tell that these are teams that do not suit his style of play. Clippers and Suns loves "wild basketball" with lot of run & gun and Roy is not a player who prefer that kind of game. He is the best against set defense, like in Europe, and then, as a rule, he is taking more shots and has a lot of free throws as a result of breaking through defence, by going to the rim. I think Roy will play an excellent match tonight, and it could easily happen percent in the last two clashes against Orlando was going over 30, more precisely, 31.5. For Orlando, I do not believe that they can repeat such a bad game as the match 74-80 against Atlanta few days ago, I expect them to play better in attack this evening and give us a nice sort of match like they played last 2 years.
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