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Dallas Mavericks VS Utah Jazz



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over 99,5

Dallas Mavericks VS Utah Jazz match analysis

One of the derby this evening which will be played in Dallas. To Dallas I have only words of praise, they recorded six consecutive victories, their defense is on very high level and it has made them practically all the win. This season, 10 days ago, they played against the Jazz in Utah and interrupted series of 7 wins in a row and 5 victory in a row at home. That match was horrible inefficient, with only 174 points and Dallas was again made his way to 92 so I think this evening will be much better offansivly especially since they had a catastrophic shooting night against the Nets on Thursday when they missed 12 of 16 attempts for 3 points and have 15 turnovers. So a good team like Dallas these things do not happen twice in a row, and Dallas will be much better but even when they strugglin in offence they scored 102 points. Last 5 matches in his American Airlines Center they went over 100. In the end, it should be said that Dallas likes to play against Jazz because Dallas has won 14 of 17 matches.
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