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Bologna VS AC Milan


IT Italy


+0.5/Home Team

Bologna VS AC Milan match analysis

A double result bet for this price is definitely worth taking here. Bologna are poorer than AC Milan in quality - there is no doubt about it and because of that fact, it is a dangerous bet. But not as dangerous as it seems and I believe it offers its fair share of value. Bologna are a fort at home - they are the only team in the league that has not lost a game at home yet. And yes, they have faced strong teams, so no worries there - they will certainly not be intimidated. Furthermore, AC Milan is no Real Madrid or Barcelona. They have enough quality to raise their game in the Championship League, but they often fall short in the domestic league. In this form, you simply cannot underrate the chances of the home team to take something here and I think they will be taking something here in about 50 percent of the time, so the odds guarantee a solid play. An inspired and motivated team that shows great results is always worth taking against a somewhat bland and (perhaps) a little bit disinterested giant.
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