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Dallas Mavericks VS Milwaukee Bucks



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Dallas Over 96,5

Dallas Mavericks VS Milwaukee Bucks match analysis

Dallas is in phenomenal form, but this season is basically one-man show. Dirk has an incredible season, in the west derby a few days ago against Jazz, he scored 31 points and everything revolves around him in the team. What is interesting is that Dallas is already has a serious series of victories - 12, also at home playing tremendously well and efficiently and Bucks will not be nice to spend, especially if you look at their duels in history. Dirk Nowitzki has averaging 25.0 points and shooting a career-high 56.8 percent. Nowitzki is shooting 69.9 percent in his last five games, which is almost unbelievable and he is the most serious contender for best foreign player who ever played in the NBA. If he is on his level Bucks have nothing to look especially since they last won in Dallas back in 2002 year, although even then they received more than 100 points. The Bucks are playing badly this season away, have a score of 2-8 and it is difficult to expect something from them in this match. At the end, the most important thing, from the season of 2001/2002 in his arena, Dallas gave more than 100 points to the Bucks. Dallas Maver. Milwaukee 113:101 12/20/2001 Dallas Maver. Milwaukee 101:110 12/30/2002 Dallas Maver. Milwaukee 101:92 30.12.2003 Dallas Maver. Milwaukee 123:104 01/02/2005 Dallas Maver. Milwaukee 114:95 16.01.2006 Dallas Maver. Milwaukee 105:103 28/03/2007 Dallas Maver. Milwaukee 107:96 07.02.2008 Dallas Maver. Milwaukee 116:96 02.26.2009 Dallas Maver. Milwaukee 108:107 01/27/2010 I think there is no reason that the tradition doesn’t continue, especially since the current Mavs look fantastic.
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