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Memphis Grizzlies VS Portland Trail Blazers



US United States


Memphis (-3.5)

Memphis Grizzlies VS Portland Trail Blazers match analysis

The problem I see with Portland is their packed schedule. They have played a solid amount of matches lately and that will not go unpunished against this prepared and motivated Grizzlies team. They have been a little bit cold lately, but they have the quality to compete - and they have shown that earlier on. I think they will be more than alright in this match-up. I think that if this gets tight, the Grizzlies will certainly be more fresh than the Trail Blazers and the factor of home advantage is only beneficial to this pick. I cannot see where the edge will come for Portland. No injuries for Memphis, while Roy may still have some problems with his knee in this match. All in all, with the overall quality of the teams being similar, there are many reasons to believe the team that plays at home and with more time to rest should prevail. Portland are not great visitors and with such a packed schedule lately, the will be looking forward to some rest, so if they cannot get a lead early on, they will most likely not be able to get back into the match later on.
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