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Dallas Mavericks VS Milwaukee Bucks



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over 183.5

Dallas Mavericks VS Milwaukee Bucks match analysis

Usual im not playin under over points but tonight over 183 points on this game is very interesting for me. Dallas scoring 98.7 points per game and their opponents scoring 92.6 ppg, and Milwaukee averaging scoring 91.5 ppg and their opponents 92.9 ppg. For me margin for this game should be around 188 points, and 183 isnt good. Milwaukee is good team who will be in playoff this season but they struggle in offense and they are last in nba in category 'points of team per game', but i dont know why its that because they have very good offensive players like Jennings, Maggette, Salmons, Bogut, Ilyanasova and the others. Dallas is in great form. They have 12 wins in a row, and play great specially in offense. Nowitski is in form, in last game he score 31 points spending only 12 shoots. Chandler, Marion playin best basketball in last 2 3 seasons but i think that Kidd and Butler can play better specialy in offense. Dallas in last 5 games - 93, 105, 105, 102, 103 Milwaukee in last 5 games - 94, 96, 78, 97, 97 Medium stake, good luck
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