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Philadelphia 76ers VS L.A. Clippers


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Philadelphia 76ers VS L.A. Clippers match analysis

A little bit of speculative bet, but I think it is well worth trying. The Clippers have a horrible record and have not won a game away yet, while the 76ers have been rather hot recently and I have had a bet on them in the last match. However, there is a lot of things that suggest the Clippers might win this. Their winning run has to stop someway and the turn-around is often done by underrated teams, like the Clippers. They are playing back-to-back matches, while the Clippers had a decent amount of rest lately. And the matches they have lost were often by very close margins and their record is a little bit off the reality - they should have more wins on the board than they have, that is for sure. I do not have any off-court info, but the way the bookies set this up, this looks like a little bit of trap. The offer on the 76ers just seems to be too good to be true. I may be terribly wrong and the 76ers might just blow the Clippers off the court and win by a double-digit margin, but I think this is worth trying. After all, we have seen too many surprises happen in the NBA year after year, so why not now?
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