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Arminia Bielefeld VS Alemannia Aachen



DE Germany



Arminia Bielefeld VS Alemannia Aachen match analysis

Bielefeld remains last in table, after four consecutive losses, with also the worst home performances, worst home attack and defense. To these statistics we must add that - another time - they have a long list of absences, among them two regulars defenders Bollmann and Fischer and three regular midfielders, Abelsi, Bolster and Guela. Aachen is in a middle- low table position with only one win in lat six matches. Also for them many absences - eight players are out, but most part of them without great contribution till now in matches played by the club. Only striker Uludag played quite regularly with 11 atts., but he scored only a goal. There are also two midfielders that have six complessive atts., the other players absentees are of no importance So, against an Arminia that seems in freefall i think that Aachen will be able to take three points in this match Bielefeld Eilhoff - Schöneberg, Touré, di Gregorio, Schuler - Demme, Kerr - Heidinger, C. Müller, Feick - Berisha Trainer: Lienen Aachen Hohs - Demai, Stehle, Feisthammel, Achenbach - Kratz - Höger, Arslan, Junglas - B. Auer, Stieber Trainer: Hyballa
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