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Philadelphia 76ers VS L.A. Lakers match analysis

LA lakers are in good form and they have revenged Indian for the defeat in the first meating of the season. Phily will be probably be without Iggy or he will be playing with a achilis injury. I think that Bynym and Gasol are the key for this game as they can contorl the paint with PHI having troble on that big positions including C and PF where they have old Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes who aren't phisicaly on that level that is needed to guard Gasol and Bynym and you can add Odom to that list. On other hand if Iggy doesn't play that opens space for kobe to do his magic because he will then play against very bad defenders and this game could be decided in the first half. We can see by recent form that Philly finally have all the pieces of their puzzle and started winning but I think that the champions is just to big of a problem for them to nahdle especialy now when they are in form. My expectations are that LA will have a big serie of wins like Miami Boston and Dallas had this season.
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