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New York Knicks VS Miami Heat


US United States


Miami (-2.5)

New York Knicks VS Miami Heat match analysis

The Knicks had a good run, but here they come against a team that has lost some matches - but lost basically only against defensive teams. But the Knicks play basketball without any serious defense and that will lead to their downfall today. Miami have all the scoring power they need to have and also a working defensive unit, so I expect them to take care of this team. They have finally started to click together after that poor start to the season they had. They will be on fire tonight and the Knicks will not be able to make an impact in this one in my opinion. They basically have one star and the rest of the team can not match the line-up of the Heat - there is simply no way. The handicap on the match is also a good bet I reckon, but I think the Heat might get the bench out there to just keep the win in the end, while I believe they will play their best in the first half. They have certainly proven they can do that, so I expect them to put in a good performance and take this one home early on.
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