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Wigan VS Aston Villa



Wigan VS Aston Villa match analysis

This is a pretty nice price for the home side that has not been losing many games at home and is performing quite well against teams of about the same strenght. Aston Villa have been horrible away from home so far and have been losing most of their games - they seemed to be without spark away from home and they are not a great side overall either. And while Wigan might be average overall too, they are really motivated every time they play at home and I cannot see them losing here and I am pretty confident they can nick in a winner here. Their key players are fit and ready, while Villa might be struggling with some injuries, although that is still a game-time decision as far as I know. They are not playing effective football and they have not been able to win many matches lately and it also seems the team might be going through some trouble - the fans are not happy, the players are not happy and the manager is just shrugging it off with some bland excuses. Wigan should be favored under these circumstances.
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