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In Torino remain out regular goalkeeper Rubinho and topscorer Bianchi, but they are no new absences and Torino is undefeated in last eight matches. So, after a bad first part of season, the team is improving and his near to gain their minimum target, playoffs. On the contrary, after agood start, Empoli started a bad run of four consecutive defeats. This is a young team, so the pressure could play his part in the falling of performances. They are fifth in away performances but for this match they made a difficult trip: they started at 13,00 o'clock yesterday, but, cause snow, the bus arrived in Torino only in late night. Finally, at least six absences for them with Stovini (def. 17atts. 1 goal)and Moro (midf. 10atts.) banned and Gorzegno (def. 8atts.), Michelidze (striker 11atts.), Kochokza (def. 1 att.) and Mori (def. 10atts 1 goal) injuried. Difficult journey, absences and poor form are all factor that will not help them against one of the strongest and in form team in thsi moment.
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