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Denver Nuggets VS Minnesota Timberwolves


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+10.5/Home Team

Denver Nuggets VS Minnesota Timberwolves match analysis

I have long been thinking what to take on this match and decided to take Denver win in handicap. Minnesota has played four games in just five days and should also say that they played yesterday in Portland and finished his match last in whole league. Main Wolves players, Love and Beasley, did play for 40 minutes last night and probably immediately after the match went to Denver. That means that they haven't rested at all. Otherwise, they travel in all the the last five games beacuse they are on the road series right now, and tonight will face one very serious host, which btw is rested and motivated because of the unfortunate defeat in the previous match against Spurs. Beasley simply could not pulling this team, Love is great but he can't do all alone and I expect some kind of blow out in this game because Denver also loves to play fast, with lot of points. All in all, in this match I see a tired Minnesota who might lay down their weapons very early in the game and 10 points margin isn't too big because Denver could be in an aggressive mood. I believe Denver will score around 110+ here and perhaps limit the Wolves to around 95.
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