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Oklahoma City Thunder VS Phoenix Suns


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under 214,5

Oklahoma City Thunder VS Phoenix Suns match analysis

Because of the trade that happened yesterday which included Phoenix, I think this match will see some other Suns. The team left a few players and they who have come, tonight will not appear on the court which menas much poinut less for Suns. Also, their best player Steve Nash in the last match played just 4 minutes because of neck injury (collision with Chandler), but will tonight appear, however, can easily happen to be much more cautious beacuse of injury. If Nash stops tonight, whole team will stop, no doubt. Also, Nash will have a direct match up with Westbrook who knows how to play strong defense and certainly he can match his speed so that I also see the advantage for the Thunder. Nash btw. has 37 years and it is difficult to be able to stand the entire game under Westbook who is physically ready as a beast, and especially because Nash had 2 days before that injury. In Oklahoma, under the points on this limit against the Suns is almost a regular phenomenon (last 7 matches in the row) which is a little strange because this is a very offensive-oriented teams. However, when something is repeated so many times in a row that is no longer a coincidence. I think that the Suns without so many players will not be able to achieve the usual number of points, which takes the match in under. A game that they played without Nash in Dallas a few days ago( and now will be no Turkoglu, Richardson) has finished with 197 points (106-91) and it would be logical to see under in Oklahoma tonight.
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