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Boston Bruins won against Washington after three consecutive defeats. On that match, Bruins won in the first period, 3:0, and then they stoped themselves. Washington Capitals won the second and the third period, 1:0 each. On the previous home match, against Philadelphia Flyers, Bruins played 0:0 in the first period, but they lost the second period, 0:1. Agaisnt New York Islanders, Bruins won 1:0 the first period and they played tied, 1:1, in the second period. Against Buffalo Sabres they won 1:0 in the first period, but lost the second period, 0:1. So, they lost the second period three times in the previous ten games, one won and played draw in six games. Conclusion: Bruins fall in the form in the second period. On the other hand, Anaheim Ducks are the strongest in the second period. They won even 7 second periods in the previous ten games. They never played tied and lost three times in the second period int he last ten games. Playing against each other, in the last five games, Anaheim Ducks won even four times in the second period and Bruins won once, so without draws. According to this statistics an advantage in the second period is on the side of Anaheim and odds@3.5 has great value. However, the Bruins have a great goalie, fewer problems with injuries and they are favorites on this match, so I believe he will not lose the second period, but they will not get it either, since it is obviously that they fall in the form in the second period regardless of current form. Therefore, I find value in the bet on a draw in the second period.
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