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Boston Celtics VS Philadelphia 76ers match analysis

Boston had a long list of injured players and especialy on their C and PF position so they will be playing now wiht almost recovered squad but Shaq, Davis, Erden will have their injuries not overcomed and I don't expekt much of their game tonight. We all know that Boston have the longest strike in NBA this season of 13 wins in a row and they try to extend that to 14 and even to 15 with easy opponents but I think that Doug Collings has brought freshness in Philly and they are in excellent form and have played good basketball trough the span of last 11 games in which they had won 8 and lost only to LA LAkers (shich they have led troughout the game), Atlanta(5 points away), Boston(1 point home). They will have little problems guarding the paint but with Bostons big mens not healthy enough I think that that will come easy on them. My opinion is that the deffence on Garnet and Allen and the good transition will decide this game. Iggy should go for over and i expekt good d from him on Paul Pierce.
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