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Washington Wizards VS Chicago Bulls match analysis

Well the Bulls are on fire at the moment with 8-2 in their last 10. After a minor hiccup in a game against Clippers at home which they've lost 99-100 they have destroyed the 76-ers last night with 45 difference. Due to the large lead for the most of the game last night many players got some rest as well and they'll feel fresh for tonight's game @Wizards. Washington isn't playing well and have lost 8 out of their last 10 games. Wall is still unavailable for the hosts which could see a debut for R.Lewis. This will be the 2nd game of these 2 teams this season where the Bulls won the first one in Chicago 103-96 some 40 days ago. The Bulls have improved since then and they are much better team than their hosts which should have a lot of problems handling with Rose, Boozer and co. The momentum of Bulls should also be another factor which I'm taking into consideration cause you don't see every day a 45 points win in the NBA and they are certainly more than capable to build on that against out of form Wizards. In my opinion the odds are pretty good for the Bulls win and that why I'm going to take this bet with pretty high stakes.
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