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Orlando Magic VS San Antonio Spurs


US United States


-3,5 (San Antonio Spurs)

Orlando Magic VS San Antonio Spurs match analysis

Today we'll see the game between two strong teams.I hope they will show the good level of basketball and their spectators will be grateful for the game. Orlando Magic have lost four last matches. They have won only 2 matches from the last 10 ( Detroit 104-91 and LA Clippers 94-85). Orlando Magic now isn't in very good spirit. Otherwise San Antonio Spurs is in a good one. I think San Antonio Spurs wouldn't have troubles tonight and they'll win Orlando Magic. San Antonio Spurs is the best team of NBA for today. Thay have lost only three matches against Dallas Mavericks (103-94) , Los Angeles Clippers (90-85), New Orleans Hornests (99-90). And they have 23 victories from the start of the season San Antonio Spurs has winnig serie of 10 matches now. In the last match they won Denver Nuggets with the score 109-103. San Antonio Spurs has no troubles with the squad, all players are healthy and they all are in a good spirit. In this match I'll take spread on San Antonio Spurs in Bet365 Good luck!!!
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