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JS Kabylie VS USM Alger



DZ Algeria


Tie - (USM Alger +1)

JS Kabylie VS USM Alger match analysis

We saw 6 1-goal margin wins for the hosts in this round in Algeria. Now Kabylie will play USM Alger and have the opportunity to make them 7 out of 7 for this round. Kabylie are 10th in the standings with 15 points after 11 games. They finished 3rd last year and are generally among the best clubs in Algeria, so it's surprising that they are so down in the table. JS are unbeaten at home (3-2-0), but have to work on their away form. USM Alger are one place above Kabylie with the same points and goal difference, but more goals scored. The team finished 4th last year, but just like Kabylie is disappointingly down the table. 1-2-2 for USM away from home so far and 3:4 goal difference. Kabylie rarely miss the opportunity to win at home, but this game will be everything, but an easy one. USM Alger finished 4th last season, which means that they have some quality and could upset the hosts. However, JS are in a delicate situation and need 3 points, which I believe they will achieve. Kabylie won over Khroub and Annaba by 1 goal margin, while USM lost to Bordj and Oran also by 1 goal margin. I think the hosts will win with 1 goal difference, completing all the round with that kind of wins.
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