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A range of Free Betting Guides for Absolute Beginners, Bettors with experience and Advanced Punters. Online Betting lessons for every type of bettor that will help turn you into a Professional Player.

9th September
The Meteoric Rise of Sports Betting

The history of online sports betting is as exciting as the rise of the industry. We've summed up the critical moments for you!

15th May
Understanding Point Spreads
Understanding Point Spreads In Sport Betting

When you consider betting on basketball and football, you need to understand point spreads if you need to maximize of your return. Generally, you need to know how point spread works. The point spread is a handicap placed for betting purposes and gives both teams an equal change of winning.

4th April
free bets
Free bets & Bonus Guide

Our sportsbetting bonus guide is full of tips and tricks of how to get the most bonus money from sportsbooks. Read our guide to avoid the most common pitfalls

25th December
Bet365 Live Streaming
Bet365 Christmas Live Streaming Specials

Bet365 have prepared plenty of exciting live streams for the end of the year - here's a selection of the highlights.

6th November
Moneybookers in Online Gambling

Moneybookers is one of the world leading e-wallets for funding online sportsbooks accounts. Here is an in depth guide to using your e-wallet for online gambling transactions and including any issues that may arise plus useful tips for Moneybookers in general.

30th June
MLB line betting

MLB known as the Major League Baseball has become popular with bettors all over the world. Many people out there are seeking for the best MLB strategies and one bet that is often looked at is the run line bets. The Line bets are similar to NFL 1.5 point spreads. However, most players as well as professional understand a ‘3’ in NFL but the values of ‘1.5’ in baseball fewer understand its value.

2nd May
How to Watch Bet365 Live Streams

With more and more television companies offering live sport that costs the earth, it is reassuring to know that Bet365 have teamed up with SuperBetting to offer you the chance to get the latest and greatest live sport events streamed straight to your computer.

27th March
Tennis Upsets Betting Guide

Betting on the favorites in tennis might not always be very profitable. On the other hand, betting on the underdogs can bring huge rewards to brave punters. Here are some thoughts about underdogs and good opportunities.

21st March
Sports Arbitrage Betting Guide

Term explanation, arbitrage in theory, how it looks in practice and different types.

16th March
Money Management in Sports Betting

Why sports betting should be taken as long term business. Importance and explanation of money management.

3rd March
Cricket Betting: What, Who and Why (Part 2)

Now you have the basics of the game sorted, there are a few more aspects you need to consider if you want to up the stakes. Tired of only betting on the outcome of the game? Then read on to find out the best and most exciting ways to bet on cricket.

26th February
Cricket Betting: What, Who and Why (Part 1)

Cricket is a difficult game to understand if you do not understand the basics. With so many rules it can be intimidating, but if you are a novice or an expert, there is a market out there you.

20th February
Odds Formats Explained

Types and explanations of all odds formats, how to convert it and calculate the winnings.

29th January
The Guide to Tennis Betting - Form and Fitness

The third part of the guide to tennis betting considers the importance of form and fitness in tennis. It also looks at how should these two aspects influence the betting decisions of all tennis tipsters.

29th November
Value Betting - Guide for Beginners

Basic concepts of value betting, reasons for and against and few advices for the newbies.

25th November
The Guide to Tennis Betting - Playing styles

The second part of the guide to tennis betting looks at another fundamental aspect of the game - the different playing styles. At the end of this overview, it also looks at how that affects our betting considerations.

19th November
The statistic way of choosing goal bets

There are lots of statistics, regarding goals, but how to choose the most helpful ones? Here is an opinion how to turn your goal bets into cash.

11th November
Team with most corners is the most straightforward bet, but many punters actually lost money on this.
Football Betting on Corners

Many bookmakers are now offering bets on corners in many football matches. But do you know how to find value in them?

9th November
The Guide to Tennis Betting - Introduction and Early Considerations

The first part of the new series will introduce you to the very basics of successful tennis handicapping - which bookies you should use, what you need to learn about and what you need to follow.The first part of the new series will introduce you to the very basics of successful tennis handicapping - which bookies you should use, what you need to learn about and what you need to follow.

10th October
Advantages of betting online

Online sportsbetting is very popular and many wonder if it is better to bet online than walk into your local bookie shop like William hill or Ladbrokes.