Betting Systems

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A betting strategy or betting system is a structured approach to gambling intended to counter the inherent bias held by the house in casino and card games and by bookmakers in horseracing and sports betting. A successful strategy should increase the odds of winning in order to produce long term profits from a pursuit which under normal circumstances will only ever result in a long term loss. All betting systems are predicated on statistical analysis, seeking to exploit the rare circumstances when the odds are in the favour of the player.[citation needed] Though the basis of all risk is fundamentally the same, betting systems vary in relation to the rules and circumstances of each particular game. The most established betting systems include: Card games – Card counting; Roulette – Martingale; Horse racing – Hedging, Arbitrage; Sports – Handicapping

Source: Betting Systems on Wikipedia

27th May
Sports Betting and Bankroll Management

Sports betting is a lot similar to an investment plan. Nowadays, investors consider sports betting as anoble investment plan. Just like any other investments, sports betting has its highs and lows. With sports betting, you need to understand the odds and various information regarding both team’s performance before you place your bets. With all necessary information, you are able to predict the likelihood of a team winning or losing.

15th May
Understanding Point Spreads
Understanding Point Spreads In Sport Betting

When you consider betting on basketball and football, you need to understand point spreads if you need to maximize of your return. Generally, you need to know how point spread works. The point spread is a handicap placed for betting purposes and gives both teams an equal change of winning.

29th August
How to pick a draw in betting

Or at least how to pick a match with high draw probability…

4th January
A Simple Guide to Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges have already been around for quite some time, but, to be absolutely honest, nobody has managed to challenge Betfair's dominant position just yet. Well, the times seem to be changing and new betting exchanges seem to have popped up on the scene in recent times, so it's the ideal time for taking a closer look at what betting exchanges are all about., a very promising betting exchange, will be used as our model example – after all, one doesn't need to stick to Betfair anymore!

21st November
Choosing a Football Accumulator
Choosing a Football Accumulator

Choosing a football accumulator for many people is a ritual they perform every weekend by making a trip to the bookmakers, or placing their football bets online. Everyone who enjoys and watches football will ultimately form opinions on how they think a game will go – many put their money where their mouth is. Winning a huge accumulator is everyone’s dream not only for the big payout, but the bragging rights they will have over their friends and work colleagues.

11th November
How to Choose a Football Betting Strategy

If you search for ‘football batting strategies’ online, you will be greeted with hundreds upon thousands of websites professing sure-fire ways to succeed and beat the bookies. However, in reality it is far more difficult.

21st March
Sports Arbitrage Betting Guide

Term explanation, arbitrage in theory, how it looks in practice and different types.

15th February
Betting strategies for the NBA

When you do bet games, the three basic ways to do it are; betting the moneyline, the point spread or the over/under. The most important thing to know when betting is that you are using the best strategy possible for the particular game you are playing.

22nd December
The Most Popular Betting Myths

In this article, we will look at two big betting myths that many tipsters still believe. The truth is, they are losing money by doing that. So what are these myths and why are they not true?

5th October
Jean le Rond D'Alembert has invented system, well known as D'Alembert Betting System
Betting Systems Explained

Betting systems can be found everywhere including Martingale, progressive betting systems 1-3-2-6, parlay, d'alembert, value bets and sure bets.