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The 2015 Copa America is now heading towards its conclusion, as we're just about to enter the play-offs. As is always the case with these big tournaments, there are big favourites to bet on and big underdogs that hope to make at least one big upset and progress through, so let's go through the four matches one-by-one and see what the action is all about. In any case, Argentina are still the number one favourites, currently priced at 2.80 with Bet365, while the home team, Chile, is second in betting (3.50 at Betway).

The very first match of the play-offs is going to see that very team playing against Uruguay and it's hardly surprising to see the hosts being priced as the favorites. For starters, they're unbeaten so far in this tournament and their scoring is very much on. On the other hand, Uruguay have already lost against Argentina, but the main clincher that gives Chile the favourite status is the fact that Uruguay have only scored two goals in the three matches they've played, one against Jamaica, one against Paraguay. That's not something they should be proud of, of course, but their fans will probably say that, at the same time, they have also conceded just two goals so far. So are the offensive qualities going to play the main role or will Uruguay be able to defend and clinch a win in the end? Well, they are the defending champions, so they certainly could, but we'll be backing the home team at 1.78 with Pinnacle.

While both Chile and Uruguay are possible contenders for the title, the second match of the play-offs will be a true battle of the underdogs, with Peru facing Bolivia. Some will point to the fact that Bolivia beat Ecuador and that they could beat Peru based on that, but we are once again going to go with the favourites, as they have largely out-classed Bolivia so far in this event. In fact, you could say that the Bolivians haven't even deserved their spot in the play-offs, while you certainly couldn't say that about Peru. At 1.95 with Bet365, a victory for Peru will be our bet in the second match-up.

The big favourites for the title, Argentina, will face Columbia in the third match and that's another match that we find hard to like as far as the underdogs are concerned. Columbia have some stars in their squad, but it's hard to believe that they can match the star-studded squad the Argentinians have. What's more, nearly everyone in the side is tremendously experienced, so the Colombians can't even count on them breaking under pressure. Argentina can be backed at just below evens with Bet365 and that is a price we're more than happy to accept.

Finally, there's the Brazil-Paraguay match that - yet again - should go to the big favorites in the end. There is a bit of a sting here, however, as Brazil will have to do without Neymar, which means that someone else will have to score all the goals they will need in order to progress. Roberto Firmino did score a goal in the last match and he's likely to be the main go-to man in terms of scoring yet again, so perhaps it's better to back him to score (2.62 at Bet365) than to back Brazil outright, especially if you consider that they have been rather shaky so far in this tournament.

Those of you who don't want to get involved in any of the matches of the 2015 Copa America play-offs can certainly consider a bet on the top goalscorer, a market that is currently led by Arturo Vidal, who is a goal ahead of the chasing pack and who can be backed at 2.75 with Bet365. We won't be getting involved in that betting, but it is quite hard to look past the man from Chile, especially since the home team would play against either Peru or Bolivia in the next match, which should give him plenty of scoring chances, while the Argentinians will most likely have to face the tough Brazilian squad if they progress past Columbia.

Our Picks for the 2015 Copa America Play-Offs

Chile to beat Uruguay at 1.78 @ Pinnacle

Peru to beat Bolivia at 1.95 @ Bet365

Argentina to beat Columbia at 1.91 @ Bet365

Roberto Firmino to score against Paraguay at 2.62 @ Bet365

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